Oda A La Muerte – A Printmaking Exhibition


Oda A La Muerte Opening Reception.jpg

“Oda a la Muerte” is a group printmaking exhibition focused
on the celebration of Dia de Los Muertos. The exhibition is
a dialogue between Mexican and US artists, exploring the
significance of death from their own cultural and personal

The exhibition will showcase over twenty artists, accomplished and emergent, from both sides of the border, who have produced
artworks using intaglio and relief printing techniques, from etching to linoleum and woodcuts.

Exhibiting Artists:
*Alyssa Aviles
*Angel Pahuamba
*Art Hazelwood
*Artemio Rodriguez
*David Avery
*Evelia Mora
*Fernando Olivera
*Gustavo Mora
*Hyeyoon Song
*Humberto Valdez
*Joel Rendón
*Julián Guerrero
*Kathryn Kain
*Laboratorio de Brujas
*Luciérnaga Taller
*Oswaldo Santos
*Patrick Piazza
*Rick Rodrigues
*Rodrigo Padilla
*Suavecita Press
*Suchitra Sharma
*Yolanda Cotton Turner

We will also create a collective community altar, to celebrate the memories of our deceased loved ones, honoring our cultural roots and ancestors. This year with a special dedication to the late Mission artist Michael Roman. All visitors are welcome to contribute to the altar during the opening reception.

 … Missed the opening?

Accion Latina’s Juan R. Fuentes Gallery is pleased to invite you back to a final opportunity to view our “Oda a la Muerte” printmaking exhibition.

Join us for an evening in the heart of Mission’s Latino Cultural District where will be screenprinting live with the San Francisco Poster Syndicate collective from 5-6pm. Then stay and participate in a community Artist Talk moderated by Mission artist Josue Rojas and curator Veronica Solis.

Oda A La Muerte.jpg

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