Dive Bar Doodles: A Sketch Meetup


Dive Bar Doodles, Sketch Sessions, and music art …

Every Monday night I get my drawing practice in .. come sit with me and work on your own images! If you’re not into toxification, that’s ok too. Come sketch your own projects, random still life setups, bar scenes, or use music its self as a model of sound to translate into a 2-dimensional image. When you need a break, you can always go downstairs & relax a while.

tree - Edited.jpg
Please bring your own supplies and a book light. Outside food is ok to bring. I’ll be upstairs in a dimly lit fenced lounge with pictures of boxers on the wall.

FYI – At about 10:45pm, 15 min or so after the meetup time, we may drift off to other locations if we are so inspired … I’ll be sure to post updates here in the event page.

Donations welcomed but not required!

All skill levels encouraged. 21+ only

RSVP on Facebook or Meetup.com.  Yes, It’s free!

IMG_0857 - Edited
Dive Bar Doodles, sketch sessions, and music art … Every Monday night at various bars in Oakland, CA. Designed to give artists space to practice skills & access to the joyful development that comes from creative output while also giving the community an opportunity to join in on the fun. This allows us to support each other as we seek a creative outlet for mental/emotional wellness, for practicing general drawing skills, for music interpretations & dance therapy, and to observe the cultural underbelly of Oakland nightlife.


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