Interview with BRUSH Podcast 6/2019

BRUSH Podcast made their first broadcasted recording with myself, Yolanda Cotton Turner, & my studio-mate, Damon Powell.

BRUSH is honored to introduce Yolanda Cotton Turner, The Printmaker Damon Powell, an artist & theologian, in their journey of creative manifestations, deep dives into their processes and reflection to motivation and empowering their craft. Most importantly, their driven words to influence other art.”

I started the episode off talking with Bernadette Martinez-Carey, my interviewer, about my creative process – what happens when I come into the studio and how do I give my energy to my creative projects. We talked about time, cleaning, music, and wine before I closed the conversation with the interviewers 3 questions – questions that empower and help to motivate other creatives. Please take a moment and give it a listen.


“BRUSH podcast interviews are your ears for listening to Art, the medium of voice and allowing artists to devise their thoughts in expressing … – what drives them, as an artist, to continue their craft and art – their techniques and meditations process .. colors.. medium..etc – what makes them keep on going when they feel they can’t pick up their brush or tools – what clicks in making art – empowering and motivating words to help and support future artists”

Be sure to check out the other artists interviews at the BRUSH Podcast website! These people have some really interesting backgrounds worth exploring. And if you’re an artist and interested in participating with the BRUSH Podcast project, inbox to inquire about getting booked!